Imaginative 'Tantric Style' naked massage scenarios in Greater London for single ladies.
For ladies who would like a more liberated massage than that offered by beauty salons etc.James will do a naked full body sensual and pampering type massage, respecting your personal limits,for £50.Cash only.James can work clothed or unclothed,your choice.If you would like the massage to be 'Tantric Style' then please mention this when booking.

If you would like to share some sexual intimacy with James after the massage,have him act out a fantasy for you,is offered on a 'no extra fee-mutual pleasure basis why not treat yourself.All ages,over 18,welcome,including senior ladies.

If you would like to treat yourself to James's excellent massage service but are concerned about travelling alone, you are welcome to bring a lady friend as a chaperone.If you wish the chaperone can even sit in on your massage session, at no extra cost.

James is also willing to offer a massage/personal service for both of you in the same session. The total fee for this would be £100. Cash only please.

James can also sometimes offer ladies a local home or hotel room visit for a fee of £100.any London Area.


Simply put,it is a more imaginative massage allowing the therapist to utilise props such as brushes,silks,body to body contact enhance the overall experience for the client on a sensual and sexual level.
Another traditional aspect of the 'Tantric Experience ' for ladies is known as the 'Yoni Massage'.Yoni is the Sanskrit word for female genitalia.The 'Yoni Massage' focuses on the pubic area using light strokes,external and internal,including 'G spot' stimulation to help achieve orgasm.The 'Yoni' aspect of a 'Tantric Style Massage' is completely optional.
It is also traditional for the client and therapist to start the session wearing silk robes over their naked bodies while performing some ritualistic stretching movements, so ladies are asked to bring their own silk robe or sarong, or Peter can offer the use of an in-house robe.

If you are a business lady travelling through Greater London Staying in a Hotel contact me for a special overnight price.

If you fancy enjoying a Hot Tub,Sauna and Steam Room without the need for swimwear and in the company of other naturists, but do not want to go alone,James is willing to escort ladies to a very nice small,private,locally based Naturist Spa that he visits occasionally,usually early on a Sunday evening.This offer is made on a friendly social basis, and not dependent on you booking a massage,so give James a call on 07984255787.
(The Naturist Spa charge £20 per couple).